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Indiana Has a Major Voting Problem

Here in Indiana, voters are faced with more and more obstacles to exercising their right to vote.  And because of this, Indiana has ranked near the bottom of the list of turnout among the 50 states.  In 2018, a year in which turnout hit historic highs throughout the nation, Indiana ranked 40th out of 50 states in turnout.  In 2020, Indiana dropped to 43rd.

And what happens as a result?  State and Federal representatives get elected without having to appeal to the majority of voters.  And while in office, they pass legislation that appeals to special interests and extremists.

At Indiana Freedom, our mission is to register every possible voter and help every citizen through the voting process so that Indiana has one of the highest voter turnouts in the county.  Indiana Freedom wants Hoosiers to take their democracy back.  Every vote matters.  And every voice matters.

Indiana Freedom is a non-partisan organization dedicated to reshaping the electorate of Indiana
Indiana's near worst in the nation election turnout is not an accident.  For years politicians in Indianapolis have continuously created obstacles so that Hoosiers become more and more discouraged with voting.  Voter IDs, gerrymandering, closed polling locations, less and less early voting, and more have caused Hoosiers to stay home on Election Day.

But here at Indiana Freedom, we know the most powerful thing we can do as citizens is to organize.  We aim to register every voter, help every voter get to the polls, and make sure that every voter has the tools and information to make informed decisions about the people they choose to elect.
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