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About Indiana Freedom

Indiana Freedom is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic engagement organization that believes in the collective strength of Hoosiers to bring change when we organize and empower those of us who have been systematically removed or have given up on electoral politics here in Indiana.  We are leading a regional effort in Northwest Indiana made up of a multi-racial, multi-generational, working-class coalition that works year-round to build a new Hoosier majority that brings the changes that Hoosiers want to reality.

Our Strategy

Indiana Freedom partners with individuals, community organizations, and businesses to support voter registration efforts and voter education initiatives. We will actively engage the community to reach all potential voters with a specific focus on individuals who have traditionally faced barriers to the voting franchise: Indiana's working-class of Black, Latino, AAPI, Indigenous, and young people.

Our Mission

Indiana Freedom works to ensure all Hoosiers can exercise their right to vote in a free and fair election.  We envision a New Hoosier Majority that transforms the electorate and brings marginalized and disenfranchised voices into the political conversation.  We want to create a new voting majority that Federal, State, and local politicians must respond to and must consider their opinions and concerns.  Every single Hoosier's voice matters and every single Hoosier should be able to easily exercise their right to vote without confusion or doubt.

What Motivates Us

A vibrant and healthy democracy demands that all individuals vigilantly defend their freedoms, chief among them the right to vote.  The preservation of democracy requires that all citizens participate in the electoral process and that all voices are heard by those with the power to make policy.  Every Hoosier has a right to engage in the democratic process through voting.  A government can only truly represent its people when everyone has a voice.  Indiana Freedom is focused on registering new voters and reintroducing lapsed voters to the process.  By helping ensure that all Hoosier have an opportunity to vote, Indiana Freedom aims to strengthen American democracy and energize community activism.

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